NUK Bottle "My love" 250ml, 6-18m, Pink

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NUK New Classic – this is the first bottle generation from NUK with a classic narrow bottle shape and a wide neck opening. The bottles combine the benefits of both these features and delight with their elegant design.

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Product details

  • The NUK New Classic Bottles are easy to handle, can be held firmly and can save space when stored away. Another advantage: they fit into all conventional bottle warmers.
  • The wide bottle neck means the bottle can be used with the NUK First Choice+ Teat. The wide bottle neck makes it extremely easy to fill the bottles without a mess and to clean them thoroughly as well. 
  • The transparent bottles have a simple, “My love” motif, which, by interacting with the slim shape, gives a particularly elegant effect.
  • weight: 115g


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